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Marie Abraham-Robinson

Marriage & Family Therapist, MS, LMFT


My ideal client is a person who wants to be heard and supported. He/she may be struggling with depression, anxiety, or life's stressors, intending to figure out ways to adjust and heal. I enjoy hearing people's experiences and helping them navigate and explore solutions to issues that affect them. My ideal client maybe a couple who had a strong relationship, but have drifted apart, lost interest, couldn't communicate, and wants to strengthen and rebuild their relationship. Equally important, my ideal client may be a family, who recognized that their family systems patterns are unhealthy. They want to thrive, and I want to help.


I can help by listening, challenging, and encouraging. I have worked with hundreds of individuals, primarily women, who have been exposed to and impacted by trauma. In addition, I have helped couples thoroughly explore deeper feelings and strengthen their emotional connection. Healing through therapy is a process. That process has no time limit.


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Kara Grace

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC


Hi! I work with clients expressing various concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma, autism, parenting challenges, and communication issues. Clients are typically anxious or depressed to the point of it significantly interfering with their ability to function in daily life. These clients want to both explore their concerns and learn ways of managing their thoughts & feelings so they may live life more freely. Do you find yourself avoiding people & places? Do you have constant racing thoughts where your brain won't stop? Life doesn't have to be so heavy, let's find some relief.


My therapeutic style is calm and relaxed with a sprinkling of humor. I offer a safe and judgement free space for sorting out your thoughts and feelings. I believe in meeting you where you're at; working together to create healing and bite sized solutions to things you can change are at the core of the services I provide.


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Anna Needham

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC-S


Colorado Christian University, Master of Arts in Counseling, Graduated 2010


My passion is to walk alongside others through life’s challenges whether that’s a season of adjustment, feelings of depression or anxiety, or processing through trauma. In our time together I will work to help you know that you are heard, valued, and worthy of finding healing. If you are experiencing flashbacks, high emotional responses to triggers, or find yourself stuck on a loop of negative thoughts, we can work together to lessen and rid of those symptoms!


I am trained to provide EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which is a highly effective treatment protocol for trauma. My clients are adults ages 18 and up who are experiencing a need to process traumas they’ve experienced, relational difficulties, or other negative symptoms and situations.



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